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ENSA C series heaters, combined all the strengths of classic convectors and long-wave infrared heaters to ensure that you get efficient heaters that will help arrange the heating system of your country house, villa, apartment or office. C series, characterized by low thickness of only 78 mm and can be used as wall mounted or freestanding heater.


Heating area:

Main heating: 7-9 м² (21-28 м³)

Auxiliary heating: 8-12 м² (24-36 м³)

  • Thermostat: Built-in
  • Surface temperature: 85°C ±5°C
  • Installation: Freestanding + Wall mounted
  • Size: 500x750x78 mm
  • Power: 500W
  • Amperage: 2,27A
  • Heater type: Hybrid: Far infrared + convection
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    Using electric heaters and heating panels ENSA, you can build a stand-alone (alternative) heating your home or apartment and do not depend on the heating season, stationary temperature radiators, as well as the state of thermal networks.

    What is a convector? Convector (electric) - electric heater, which operation is based on natural convection. Convection - is a process of air transferring and allocation where hot air easier so rises and forcing the cold air that have less temp,so it drops down creating air moving in the room.